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Dear clients and viewers,

Your understanding about Anna Wang and her communication skills, professional services, as well as rich experiences in real estate, other than comments at Redfin's portal at be also concluded from these Testimonials:

  • Yan Zhou:  "Anna helped us find our dream home with her rich experience and great sense in purchase strategies, timing, home maintenance knowledge, and building up trust so we were well guided."
  • Grace Chen (Agent):  "It was such a pleasure and great opportunity working with Anna for an absolutely smooth and on-time transaction."
  • Zhen Zhou:  "Anna is the best at explaining, analyzing, and executing strategies when fighting for our good deals."
  • J. L. Ouyang:  "I will no doubt recommend you to my social connections for your excellent negotication skills and great sense in real estate business!" 
  • Jiayi Liu:  "Anna, I will definitely refer your real estate services to those who seek for professional performances when fulfilling their real estate goals." 
  • Nan Zhong:  "Anna, your professional knowledge in real estate and post-sale services are the best!" 
  • ShaoLong Sui:  "We are so happy and lucky to work with you for our very first home and win the battle from such hot market and yet without paying the highest bit - we witnessed that!"  
  • Brian Taylor:  Thank you Anna for doing a great job negotiating the purchase price for us on our warehouse in Fremont!  You've made this transaction such an easy and great experience...  We appreciate your work!
  • Jane Zhang:  With so many buyers competing this dream home, thank you, Anna, for your unique way of working and smooth communication with us as well as other parties, agent, workers...  We're so happy to came out as winners.
  • Peter Zhang We have worked together on many deals by now, and I truly thank you for helping us in many ways to achieve our goals.  Your skills in both selling and buying homes have given us confidence and good results.  You are the agent for us, Anna!
  • D Z Huang:  I am a businessman, pretty picky and detail orientated; it is very nice that Miss Anna not only managed a great deal beyond my expectations but helped me learn a lot of things about buying a home.  Great advice!
  • Dino Lei:  Thank you, Anna, we are so happy to own this home in California after your hard work and skillful negotiation with the Bank.  We liked the way you presented our offer and your wise advice through out this deal!
  • Sophia Du:  Anna made our transaction go through the entire process so organized and efficient; we were first-time home buyer but was not  panicked because we knew that she would always work ahead of time, explain ahead of time so we could get well prepared for the "next step."  Thanks a lot for your nice job, Anna!
  • Rose Lin (Agent):  Anna, you've made this transaction so easy and enjoyable.  Nice working with you and look forward to future deals.
  • David Li (Agent):  Thank you, Anna, for your understanding and easy going personality - wonderful experience on closing a deal smoothly and efficiently, keep up the great work!
  • Dan Vu (Agent):  Anna, I appreciate your patience and corporation on this tough transaction and we were able to make it after many challenges!  
  • Irene Helmke:  Our loan was done in a professional, timely, and well controlled pace.  Every thing just worked fine and accurate, thank you, Anna! 
And many more...

Let us work with you and win for your goals together!

Team of Cal Anchor Estate